Sunday, November 11, 2012

Creating Necklaces

I have gotten back into creating necklaces. I had not made one in awhile,
but I had a request for one for Christmas, and now I have made 
quite a few in the past week and a half.

The following necklace is one that was inspired by some shell beads that I had gotten awhile back. I had not been able to figure out what to do with them, then it hit me! I had the perfect seed beads to match the shells, so why not make a necklace out of them!

I decided that this necklace is going to be a one of kind! It is for sale in my Etsy shop.
Once it is sold, there will not be another listing!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful: Day 5 and 6

Missed Day 5

I am thankful for having a roof over my head, clothes to wear, and food to eat. We may not always have money to get what we want or do everything we want to do, but there are so many out there that have absolutely nothing. I am thankful that my little family is blessed with what we have.

Day 6

I am thankful to have a job. I may not always like it and there are mornings I would love to stay at home, but at least I have a job to go to. There are so many people who are unemployed and 
cannot find work.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful: Day 4

Day 4

I am thankful to be saved by Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Savior. Without him I could not be who I am. I know I am not even close to being a great Christian, and I have my flaws and things that I can improve on, but Jesus loves me anyways and forgives me for my sins. If the world could see through his eyes we would be in such a better place.

(Copyright CreationsByKT/Katie Penley)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful: Day 3

Day 3

I am thankful to have such a wonderful puppy, Bella. She is our pride and joy. Bella is really a blessing. I love that little girl so much, just like she was my child. Robert and I looked for a puppy for months with much disappointment and heartbreak.. then we finally got Bella! That just goes to show everything happens for a reason because we couldn’t ask for a better puppy. She is perfect! We adopted her from a local shelter. She’s a lab mix. She is a Momma’s girl. She loves to get in my lap and snuggle and loves to play with her Daddy.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful: Day 1 and 2

Day 1

I am thankful for having a loving and kind boyfriend. He is there for me whenever I need him. He is not only my boyfriend but also my best friend. I can confide in him for anything. We can sit and talk for hours or just be blessed by sitting in quiet, enjoying each other’s company. He loves me for who I am and doesn’t want me to change at all. He accepts me for me and loves all my quirks. He has made my life better and I am blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life with him!

Day 2

I am thankful for my family who loves and supports me and the few good friends that I have. I may not have a huge army of close friends, but the few that I do I really cherish. It is better to a have a few close friends that a huge group of ones that aren’t there for you. I am thankful for them being there when I need them, for the talks and laughs.