Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scrapbooking Page - Bringing in 2011

I have A LOT of scrapbooking to catch up on!
The page I am sharing with you today is one that I created using pictures from New Year's 2011.

I love those two pictures of us!
You can tell how happy we are!
The scrapbook paper was beautiful as it was, in shades of red and gold,
with gold sentiments
I situated the two pictures using the block like gradients as guides.
I added three clear rhinestones at the top to make the sentiment "Love" stand out.
I added a chipboard cutout across both pictures, "Love".
I added a sentiment to the bottom right "The most beautiful action in the world is to love".
I added a three dimensional sticker coming off of one of the pictures.
"Dreams come true"
I added a tag in the bottom right, "Bring in 2011. Betty's house."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wine Charms

Wine charms can be very expensive and it can be hard to find really cute one!
I love making jewelry and work well with beads and wires...
so I though, why not make my own?

They were very simple to make!
I used 20 gauge silver colored beading wire.
I cut off even lengths of the wire.
I strung my beads onto the wire.
For the longer charms, I used headpins and then attached them to the wire.
I made a loop on one end of the wire.
The other end I slightly bent so that it would catch in the loop.
I then rounded the wires and hooked them together!

They are all ready to keep your drink noticeable from others!

Many wine charms available in my Etsy shop

Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby Crib

I found a very cute set of baby stickers.
The sheet consisted of a crib, a mobile, and several other small accents.
I bought it with the thought to make a card with them.
This is what I came up with:

I based all my embellishments off of the colors in the crib sticker.
I picked a striped paper that had blues, greens, and yellows in it.
I cut two strips of it and glued them on either side of the card.
I then centered the crib at the bottom of the card,
placing the mobile sticker above it.
I used adhered plaid bows to the bumper of the crib.
I placed yellow pearl stars on top of the bows.
On the mobile, I adhered several pearl stars to make it more three-diminsional.

Cards such as this one are available in my Etsy shop

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Teal and Brown

I have had these really pretty teal and brown flower beads for awhile.
I have also had brown wooden flower charms for awhile.
I loved both of these, but could never figure out what to make with them.
Then I realized, I should put them together!

I loved how they turned out!
I used beading wire to make these earrings.
I strung the wooden cross charms onto the middle of the wire.
I pulled both sides of the wire together to thread the teal pearl like bead
onto both strands at once.
I then separated the two ends, stringing teal seed beads onto each strand.
I brought the stands back together to string the flower on.
Separating the strands again, I strung more teal seed beads.
I brought the strands back together one last time to add one more teal pearl like bead.
I used a wire crimp to finish the earrings off and hook onto fishhook earring backs.

Earrings such as these are available in my shop

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Slightly Fancy

I have these beautiful pearl like charms that I wanted to create earrings from.
I wanted something that was beautiful that could be dressy,
but yet would also look good with jeans.
I love being versatile.

I placed one larger white pearl like bead, one smaller pearl like bead, 
and then another larger pearl like bead on a headpin.
I twisted the top of the headpin and attached it to a fishhook earring back.
I then took the three pearl like charms and put them on jump rings.
I attached those jump rings to the bottom of the headpin.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Upcycled Washers

I love upcycling objects to create new art!
My inspiration for this piece was washers.
Washers come in many different sizes, and can have pretty colors to them.
I decided to create earrings from various sized washers.

These fun earrings are made from washers and butterfly beads!
The butterflies are a greenish brown color.
They have hypoallergenic fishhook earring backs.
They hang apx. 3.25 inches from the fishhook earring.

Slightly industrial, upcycled, and steampunk. Be unique!

I created the earrings by using washers, jump rings, butterfly beads, and headpins.
I took three different sized washers and connected them together using jump rings.
I then connected the top smallest washer to the earring back using two more jump rings.
I ran a headpin through the butterfly beads and made a loop, connecting them to the bottom washer.

Earrings like these are available for purchase in my Etsy shop

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fun Purse Cards

I have had some blank cards in the shape of purses that I bought a while back.
I have been wanting to use them to make some cute cards but
was having a hard time finding inspiration.
Then it struck me, these would be cute for something like a bridal shower or a wedding!
So I began creating!

The main part of each card is decorated with paper that has love and wedding sentiments.
One has a light pink polka dot top with pink rhinestone hearts and has pink heart ribbon running down the center.
One is hot pink with light pink lacey ribbon tied in a bow with clear rhinestones and a rhinestone heart.
One is teal with blue ribbon tied in a bow and clear rhinestones.
One has purple polka dots with light purple shimmery ribbon and a purple rhinestone.
The fifth one has green gingham with pretty green ribbon with green half back pearls.

These were easy and a lot of fun to make!

These and many more cards are available in my Etsy shop

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Mustaches Please!

Mustaches seem to be quite the rage lately.
It is easy to see why though, something so simple can look so cute on different objects!
I recently shared with you a heart with a mustache card that I made.
I have made a handful more!

I kept with a red and black theme for all of them.
The red heart really made the mustaches "pop" versus a pink heart.
I really had fun making these and coming up with different types of eyes to draw!
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

These cards and more are available in my Etsy shop

Friday, January 18, 2013

Playing in the Water

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day.
We couldn't have such a wonderful day and not take Bella walking.
Her favorite part of walks is playing in the water at the boat landing.

These are a few of my favorite pictures from the many we took.
Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heart with a Mustache

I woke up this morning with a neat idea for a Valentine's card...
A heart with a mustache on it!
I came to realize that it probably had already been done, but I still wanted to go for it!

I knew the perfect mustache to use - the one from the "KISS This and That"
paper piecing set from Scraptastical Kreations.

I used black polka dot paper for the background. 
I then trimmed a border of red polka dot paper.
The heart I cut using my Cricut with the "Plantin SchoolBook" cartridge.
I drew the eyes with a black marker with silver accents.
I used a silver marker to add the accents to the mustache.
The mustache is actually adhered with 3D dots, so it sticks up from the card some. 
There is black ribbon with three red rhinestones.
Red glitter stickers for the letters "X" and "O".

This card and many more are available in my Etsy shop

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lime Green Love Bird

My focus today was to try and create some Valentine's cards that were of
untraditional Valentine's colors (red and pink).

I had a cute felt lime green bird that I based this card on.

The background is a blue, green, and brown floral pattern.
Green polka dot ribbons runs horizontally across the card, with a tan colored ribbon with love sentiments on top of that.

Pretty paper flowers with pearls decorate the lower corner.

A large green felt bird is the main focus of the card.It has a pearl eye.
A 3dimensional sticker that says "Be My Love" is located next to the bird.

This card is great for Valentine's day, a wedding, an anniversary, or just to show someone that you love them!

This card and many more are available in my Etsy shop

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Anything Goes January Challenge

This month over at Scraptastical Kreations, they are doing an Anything Goes challenge.
The project is your choice, you just have to include one of their patterns in your project!

I have been working on Valentine's projects today, so I browsed through
the Scraptastical Kreations patterns that I had.
I settled on a flower from there "Garden Splendor" collection.
I chose this flower because the petals looked like hearts!

I started out with an ATC card that I covered in pink heart patterned scrapbook paper.
Then I (hand) cut the flower from "Garden Splendor".
I did one layer in hot pink cardstock and the second layer in
scrapbook paper with the sentiment "I love you".
I adhered pink ribbon with pink hearts running vertically on the ATC card.
I then used 3D dots to adhere the flower with dimension.
I then attached a pink rhinestone heart to the center of the card.
I covered the card a different pink heart patterned scrapbook paper.
I adhered pink glitter table horizontally on the card.
I then glued the ATC card onto another piece of the "I love you"
sentiment paper and then glued it onto the card.
I used pink chipboard stickers to decorate the corners.

To join in the fun, visit:

To find great paper piecing patterns, visit

To purchase cute Valentine's cards like the ones above, visit my Etsy shop

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pretty as a Daisy

I have been wanting to work on my Illustrator skills more lately and have finally found the time.
Over the past several months, I have learned a lot in Illustrator with my (school) courses.
I decided I wanted to make something original and pretty.
What better subject than my cute puppy?

I started out with a outline of her face and filled in the features.
I then created my own daisy pattern in another window.
I then copied and pasted that daisy pattern onto my outline.
I applied it to a layer behind the outline.
I then used my eraser tool to get rid of the pattern in places that I did not want it.
I used a light pink for the ears, grey for the nose, and brown for the eyes.
I am very happy with how it turned out!
I think it really captures Bella's personality!

This print will soon be available in my Etsy shop.
If you would like to be notified of when it becomes available,
please leave your e-mail address in the comment section.
If you want to keep your e-mail private, you may send it to me at

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dry Erase Menu

So many tutorials lately have included using picture frames as different types of dry erase boards.
We have been trying to create a weekly menu so that we can eat healthier
and do better with our grocery budget.
I love to scrapbook and thought it would be really neat to create a dry erase menu
from a 12x12 picture frame with a different background for every month.

For January I kept with a winter theme.
The background is vintage sleigh paper in blues, browns, and tans.
I then decorated with a pretty blue paper and dark brown paper.
Pretty white winter ribbon was used along with blue sequins ribbon.
The cute little mice are a rub on sticker.
The title is made using metallic letter stickers.

This is now hanging in our kitchen!
My goal is to create a different background for every month!
And to utilize the menu to its full potential of course!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Starting to Feel the LOVE

I know it is only January, but Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!
The stores have already stocked there shelves full of great goodies for you Valentine!
I did not want to fall behind, so I have also created some yummy cards
for you to give to your Valentine this year.
They are available on my Etsy shop.
They are also here for inspiration to you as well! :)


I love how this set of cards turned out!
I used two different stamps that I got from Michael's.
One was two cute little deer kissing and the other is a bear holding a heart.
I stamped them onto vintage tags.
I then colored them with my prismacolor pencils and Crayola markers.
I tied the tags with gold and white twine that I found in the $1 bins at Target! (Great find!)
I then glued them onto pretty paper that I used patterned scissors to cut.
I then covered the white card in red or pink card stock and then adhered my image!

This set of cards, along with many more, are available in my Etsy shop

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bird Nest Brooch

There are so many pretty bird nest jewelry pieces floating around on Pinterest.
I decided to take inspiration from them.
I made four brooches for my Mother-in-law for Christmas.
She loves birds and anything dealing with Biology, she also likes brooches.

I started off each brooch by picking three beads.
I then threaded them onto 20 gauge wire.
I wrapped the wire around the beads until I got a thickness that was appealing.
I then took the wire end and threaded the pin back onto the back of the bird's nest.
I used that same end to wrap around the wire "nest" twice between each bead.
This also helped to secure the pin back.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bag Holders

I have recently begun to learn how to use my sewing machine.
I found a tutorial online of how to make a a plastic bag holder out of a hand towel.
I would link back to the tutorial, but the link that I saved is now saying it is no longer available.

The Dollar Tree near my house usually has cute dish towels.
My kitchen theme is coffee, so I bought a coffee one for me.
My Mom likes coffee, so I also got a coffee one for her.
My boyfriend's parents like wine, so I picked up a wine one for them.

I started by measuring the length of the short end of the towels.
I then took 3/4 of that and cut that amount of elastic twice - one for top and one for bottom.
I then pinned the elastic where I wanted it on the towel, about one inch from the seam.
I pulled the elastic tight while sewing with my machine.
After sewing the elastic on both sides I pinned the towel inside out so that I could sew a seam.
I sewed the seam and turned the towel right side out.
I then found matching ribbon, made a loop, and sewed it to the top.
Ta da, I had a bag holder!