Friday, November 15, 2013

Bella's Halloween/Fall Bandana

I'm a little late on posting this, but I made Bella (my dog) a Halloween/Fall bandana.
I found a couple of different ideas on Pinterest and kind of combined a couple of them and tweaked them to my liking to suit Bella and how I wanted the bandana to work and look.

The bandana is very simple and does not tie around her neck, it actually slides unto her collar.
It is wonderful because she does not pay in any mind at all.

I did do a seam all the way around so that it would be machine-washable.
I didn't want it to just be plain polka dots, so I added a cut out a pumpkin design from felt and hand-stitched it on!

Bella has gotten lots of compliments on her bandana on our walks outside!

The main idea site off of Pinterest that I used for inspiration was: