Saturday, September 21, 2013

Skull Nightlight

I work at All Fired Up, a paint your own pottery studio that offers
ceramic painting, glass fusing, and wet clay building projects.
Until the other day, I had only done a glass project as a sample for the store.
I had been wanting to create something for myself.
I decided to create a skull nightlight for my bathroom.

I started with a 3" clear square base.
I covered it with two layers of black glass line, letting each layer dry completely.
I then used toothpicks, removing away the unwanted glass line
until only the image that I wanted remained.
I then put another 3" clear square piece of glass on top before fusing it in the kiln.
If you don't add another layer of glass when doing this technique, your piece will remain textured.
I am happy with how my project turned out!

It is now nestled nicely under my newly painted shelf in my bathroom!
(Blog post on the shelf is from yesterday)