Friday, September 20, 2013

Bathroom Shelf

I was getting tired of all the clutter of products on my bathroom shelf.
All of the shelfs at the store were kind of pricey, and there weren't any that I was particularly fond over to pay that kind of price.
I decided to go to the craft store, buy a cheap wooden shelf, and paint my own.

I used acrylic paints.
I painted everything a base coat of white first so that the colors would show up better.
The front has three wooden cut outs that I glued on - two anchors and a skull.
I hot glued them on after everything was painted and sealed.
I painted the cut outs first.
I then started on the shelf itself, painting some areas white and some with a black that had glitter in it.
I then painted a skull with an anchor through it on either side of the shelf.
I sealed everything.
Then the last step was to hot glue the cut outs on.
Now it is happily hanging on the wall in my bathroom, freeing up counter space!

- The sneak peak for my next blog posting is the night light that's underneath my shelf!
- (And please excuse the ugly wallpaper, I live in an apartment!)