Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Wine Charms

A hobby that I have picked up recently is creating wine charms. 
Have you seen the price of those in stores?! Why not save a little and make your own? 
Or, if you do not feel like making them, buy handmade! :-)

These are some Christmas themed wine charms that I have had a lot of fun creating.

They were very easy and fun to create.

  • I started out with a thicker gauge wire, 20 gauge in this case.
  • I took that wire and cut them into matching lengths.
  • I then picked a set of charms that I liked and picked several beads to accent each charm.
  • I strung those onto the wire.
  • I then formed the wire into a circle.
  • One end I made a loop on and the other bent slightly so that it would hook into the loop.

Some of these I made as gifts and some I made for purchase in my Etsy shop