Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bag Holders

I have recently begun to learn how to use my sewing machine.
I found a tutorial online of how to make a a plastic bag holder out of a hand towel.
I would link back to the tutorial, but the link that I saved is now saying it is no longer available.

The Dollar Tree near my house usually has cute dish towels.
My kitchen theme is coffee, so I bought a coffee one for me.
My Mom likes coffee, so I also got a coffee one for her.
My boyfriend's parents like wine, so I picked up a wine one for them.

I started by measuring the length of the short end of the towels.
I then took 3/4 of that and cut that amount of elastic twice - one for top and one for bottom.
I then pinned the elastic where I wanted it on the towel, about one inch from the seam.
I pulled the elastic tight while sewing with my machine.
After sewing the elastic on both sides I pinned the towel inside out so that I could sew a seam.
I sewed the seam and turned the towel right side out.
I then found matching ribbon, made a loop, and sewed it to the top.
Ta da, I had a bag holder!